A trawler is a power boat with a displacement hull that is designed for long economical voyages under power at something less than theoretical hull speed.

Sometimes the trawler will have a steadying sail to help it withstand rolling motion while underway. 

Sometimes they also have "flopper stoppers", devices that you lower from booms extending over the sides of the boat down into the water. 

The stoppers provide resistance to rolling at anchor or on a mooring.

Trawler at Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda, FloridaTrawler at Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda, Florida

The trawler in the photo above has tremendous room below because of the vertical sides of its hull and the large deckhouse. It might be a bit tough to handle maneuvering around a marina in windy conditions, but would be a comfortable liveaboard, especially in a marina.

Grand Banks 36 TrawlerGrand Banks 36 Trawler

One of the most popular trawlers, and one that seems to hold its value very well, is the Grand Banks.

Willard 40 Trawler with Auxiliary Sail

Bill Tighe of Willard Boat Works built a 40 foot custom trawler for himself and his wife, Renee.  It was named the "Renee Tighe" and Bill called it "a trawler with auxiliary sail power".

26 Foot Nordic Tug

Several manufacturers have created trawler type boats referred to as tugs.  Not only are the attractive and rugged looking, they have a lot of room below for their size.  The one in the photo is a 1982 model.


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