Living on a boat is a dream shared by millions of people. The goal of this website is to help you learn some basic facts about living aboard a boat. 

I will also give you tips about how to search for a boat and what to do before buying it.

Living Aboard Silverheels At Plantation KeySilverheels At Plantation Key

I have tried to answer in advance some of the questions you might have about the live aboard lifestyle.

I learned most of the answers myself by expensive and painful trial and error. 

Even so, it was a lot of fun. Living on the water worked well for me.

Most people who have lived on a boat did not realize they were pioneers of the new "tiny home" movement, but indeed they were.

They were the trail blazers of the minimalist lifestyle and living off the grid, while having fun sailing or cruising around in their home.

I have known more than one family living on a boat.  Their kids were "home schooled" and seemed to be better educated and more mature than many others of their age and school year.


This website is about living on a boat, not necessarily cruising on a boat.  There are plenty of websites and published books that will teach you the basics of cruising.  

This website is more for the novice who is trying to decide if living on a boat makes sense for them.

There are seminars and courses that will give you hands on instruction about cruising.  

Some of this basic cruising knowledge will serve you well if you live on a boat even if you plan to stay in the marina all the time and just go for an occasional day sail.

Living on a boat was a dream of mine for years. I achieved it two different times in my life for extended periods.  

In my case, I also wanted to do some cruising and sailing, so that consideration drove my choice of boats.

My Experience Living on a Boat

Some people buy a a powerboat to go somewhere. In my case, when I get on my sailboat I am already there.

All of my experience living aboard full-time has been on sailboats berthed in Florida marinas along the state's Atlantic Ocean east coast. 

That's why this website is Florida Centric, although the information should be useful elsewhere in the United States, and in fact the world.

Living Aboard AWOL At Burnt Store MarinaSunset At Burnt Store Marina

This website is designed to help you learn about the many types of boats available for you to consider if you are interested in living on a boat.

There are sailboats, trawlers, power boats, houseboats, catamarans or trimarans. 

You will know what you're looking for before you start browsing the "boats for sale" websites. 

You will be prepared to find and buy the right boat for you.

You will also learn some basic nautical terms such as forward, aft, starboard, port, galley, bow, stern, and other important words unique to the world of floating vessels. 

You'll learn about marine heads, interior layouts, and about some of the best production boats ever built.

Enjoy yourself on your journey through these web pages, and I hope what you learn will help you make the right decision.

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